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The Waianae Veterinary Clinic (WVC) has been part of the Waianae community for over 30 years. Cynthia Aglubat Collier DVM has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1999. She now owns the practice and continues to provide quality and value based services to the community.


Dr. Collier has seven fantastic staff members who play an integral part in the day-to-day operations of the facility. Additionally, Dr. Collier has contracted Melissa Shaw DVM to assist her with various aspects of animal medicine.


The staff at WVC sees many patients including dogs, cats, rodents, birds, and various exotic animals. The staff is committed to providing the best care possible to these patients and their owners.


Our mission is to see that your pet lives the longest happiest life possible. We will achieve this by emphasizing preventive health care and providing the best possible client education. Our doctors and staff practice the highest ethical standards and utilize continuing education to remain on the technological forefront of our profession. Our team wants to become a life friend to you and your pets. Laughing with you during the good times and helping to see you through the challenging times. This we pledge to you.

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